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June 14, 2010


  • Background: watercolor-wash of pinks, purples, oranges
  • Figure: anorexic female/male in a crouched position and fur on shoulder (Park Bom “Gangster” photoshoot for W)
  • spine sticking out (Lady Gaga Bad Romance MV)
  • tattoed all over body (Han Sang Hyuk’s 2010 S/S “MVIO” Tattoo collection, Gerlan Jeans Spring/Summer 2010 “By Any Jeans Necessary” collection,
  • bat arm-let (Batman Bracelet by Maison Martin Margiela)
  • rope intertwined bracelet (MADEMOISELLE YULIA「GIZA」Accessory by Mademoiselle Yulia in GIZA)
  • hair and face shape and tattoo on head (G-Dragon “Genie” photoshoot for Vogue)
  • bony hands (Human Body Encyclopedia)


  • Background: coffee base, watercolor streaks, dots, border-greens, blues
  • Figure: women with wide back with closed eyes (Park Bom “Gangster” photoshoot for W)
  • tattoo on nose (G-Dragon “Genie” photoshoot for Vogue)
  • snake around neck (Animal Encyclopedia)
  • green stars on right shoulder (Park Bom me2day upload-space tattoos on fingers)
  • adam and eve faces (TOP and Shin Se Kyung “Cyon Crystal” photoshoot)
  • printed pattern on both arms (Clown Hoodie/Pants by Human Potential)
  • car bracelet on left arm (Toy Car Bracelet by Nic Nat)
  • studded bracelet under doll on right arm (Extra Large Studded Wristband(Black) by Phix Clothing)
  • Hilary doll on studded bracelet on right arm (Political Animals- Hillary by Fat Cat, Inc.)


  • Background: watercolor and acrylic-swirls of yellows, white, mustard
  • head (G-Dragon “Genie” photoshoot for Vogue)
  • hair style inspiration (CL “Try to Copy Me” polka-dot bob)